Beautiful Blooms for a Modern Wedding


The nervous excitement of your wedding day finally arriving filled Elisha’s veins. Usually a confident person, Elisha was nervous approaching the long walk down the aisle to marry the love of her life. But the butterflies flew away when she saw Luke at her destination, and when she reached the gorgeous arbour at the end of the aisle and they were hand in hand, everything felt right.

The celebration moved from one beautiful marquee to another as Elisha and Luke’s family and friends helped them create some of the happiest memories to date.

The wedding came to life with the simple use of lush greenery contrasting the stunning white florals, table settings and furniture, embodying the whole day in a modern charm. Complete with an elegant cake by Bake The Cake, Elisha almost cried of happiness by how the whole thing fell together, thanks to the planning and styling of Jess (Butcher Baker Stylist).

There was no doubt in Luke’s mind that Elisha was the one. Under the pretense of a work trip, he lured Elisha out to be flown in by helicopter to one of the first wineries they had visited together. After a delicious lunch, the pair took a walk by the lake where Luke dropped to one knee and asked Elisha to marry him. She cried, he cried…according to Elisha, it was a beautiful mess! They flew back and spent the rest of the day together, picnicking, celebrating and calling family and friends to tell them the exciting news.

What do you love most about your partner?

Elisha: If I had to choose, it would be how in touch Luke is with his emotions. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and it was always so special to me to see how unafraid he was (and is) to speak about his feelings.

Luke: ONE of the things I love most about Elisha is her intelligence. She is by far the most gifted person I had ever and will ever be with, and I’ll always view that as one of her greatest virtues.

What is marriage to you?

Elisha: Marriage to me means a life-long commitment to love and support the person you love through all the ups and downs of life. It means getting to do life with my best friend by my side!

Luke: Marriage to me is about trust, support, love and teamwork (to say a few). And it’s about putting the other first, even before yourself.


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