Beatriz + Morgan wedding at Big Sur


A simple, intimate ceremony, with just two guests and the couple themselves, was all Beatriz and Morgan needed to seal their future together. Big Sur’s forests and coastal cliffs formed a lush backdrop, and a cosy inn was the perfect place to retreat and celebrate after the ceremony. Describing themselves as “partners in all aspects of their lives”, the couple’s journey into married life began with a surprise early morning proposal from Morgan:

“Beatriz already knew I got a ring when we went to Chicago to visit my family. I tried to surprise her when she wouldn’t be expecting the proposal. A few weeks after we got back, in the middle of the night, I put the ring under her pillow, hoping she’d feel it when she woke up. However, I forgot she sleeps with a memory foam pillow, so it moulded to the box and she didn’t feel it! In the morning we were cuddling and I kept trying to move the box so she’d feel it. No success, unfortunately, so I pulled the whole ‘What is that under your pillow?’ in a surprised voice. She thought it might be a bug, so she pulled the pillow back frantically and saw the box. I got on one knee on the bed and proposed.”

Dear Morgan

Most people at some point in their lives will come across a partner that for one reason or another they choose to walk into the woods with. With us both coming from the joys and heartache of divorced families, I believe from early on we share the same healthy and practical view about marriage. Perhaps that’s why we don’t focus so much on talking about our hopes and dreams 50 years down the road. Instead we focus on speaking, and making the decisions from actions that honour our love and gratitude for each other—today. For without a strong foundation, how high can one build before the roof comes toppling down? So cheers to embracing the many life adventures coming our way with open arms, a fair mind and an understanding heart.

Dear Beatriz

I’ve always felt that two things truly embody a successful marriage—communication and trust. I’ve never really lived in a fantasy world filled with fairytales. Real life doesn’t always work that way and that’s what makes it interesting. The guy doesn’t always get the girl in the end and maybe there isn’t always that “happily ever after”. Yet when one is able to fully trust another person wholeheartedly and discuss anything and everything the way that we do, we can only grow together in the most profound of ways. There’s no guesswork—just a solid foundation. I don’t want to say that I hope we continue down this path because it’s ingrained in who we are. It’s something I’ve never quite experienced with anyone else and that’s what truly defines us as a couple. No matter what life throws at us, knowing I have your love is really all I need in this lifetime.


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