Love + Marriage

Bag of Tricks


Emily Connett explores simple ways to nurture your love for each other.

Whether you’re about to embark on marriage or have been married for years, its vital to remember one important thing—you love each other! It’s the little things that keep us soft towards one another and they’re easy to do. Although they may seem obvious, when you read into them a little more, you’ll find out how important they really are. These everyday acts of love are so simple and effective you may as well call them tricks!

Have a cuddle! It’s easy and doesn’t cost anything. Not only does hugging improve heart health, it also increases a bonding hormone called oxytocin. In fact, this hormone has even been dubbed the hormone of love! We’ll leave it up to you to find out why. So whack out those arms in a loving embrace and get hugging.

Be kind to each other. A little kindness really does go a long way! It might be helping them pack the dishwasher at night, running them a bubble bath after a long day or even biting your tongue before a disagreement blows out of proportion. Keep your marriage as the number one priority. With this in mind, most issues begin to take on their true perspective— usually a small and insignificant one.

Write a list of all the things you love about your partner. Aim to add one point each day. It shouldn’t be a secret, so keep the list somewhere that they will see! Not only will it fill your partner with love, it will also remind you how special they are. Dwell on the positives, not the negatives!

Do something together you both enjoy. This might have to be a weekly thing, but it’s a great way to relax and rediscover each other without the external pressures of life. But make sure its fun! It’s also quality time, which will always need to be invested in, not just to maintain your relationship, but to grow it too! So enjoy each other’s company!

Make time for yourself. What? You ask! The greatest way we can offer the best of ourselves to each other is to make sure we look after ourselves. Let’s face it, we’re a lot less likely to snap when we’ve had a chance to relax and refresh. If putting yourself first every now and then is something you find hard to do, remember that how you are going personally also affects the loved ones around you.

Encourage each other. Daily! We pretty much know our spouses love and support us, but it needs to be reinforced by actually telling them. Often. A flood of encouragement is always better than a drought, so there’s no limit to what you can say. Sincerely tell them you love them, what you appreciate about them and continually support them in their work, with their dreams and most importantly, their character.

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