Aunty vintage


Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. You’ve been yanked back through time to a place effervescent with vintage nostalgia;  a vast and enchanted one-stop-shop brimming with deliciously antiquated wares you may not have seen before but recognise and love all the same. Welcome to Aunty Vintage, the home of old-school that feels like … well … home. This family-run business has a nose for all things awesome and antiquated and want to share their entire collection with you. Yes, you!

You can hire anything from crockery to clockery with confidence that  in your hands nestle some of the  finest pieces you’ll ever set eyes on. Add a vintage or antique twist to your hen’s night, photoshoot, wedding, film set, gallery opening or any other special occasion. Remember, when the décor that surrounds you is marching in the blues, simply close your eyes and repeat there’s no place like Aunty Vintage.


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