Ash + Sam: vintage-rich wedding


“It’s hard to put into words why you fell in love with someone because there are some aspects you just can’t explain.”

We think pictures spoke louder than words on the day Ash and Sam committed their lives to each other, and Fiona and Bobby are the ones to thank for this! They expertly captured those beautiful moments of love and admiration shared between the couple.

Scroll down to see all of the gorgeous shots from their wedding, and to read more about how Sam popped the question.


Sam’s mother was arriving from the UK on the Easter long weekend. It was going to be my first time meeting her so when Sam suggested that we take an overnight trip to the Hunter the day after she arrived I thought that might seem a bit rude but he assured me she was mainly here to see his sister and her children so we wouldn’t be missed for a night. So we headed up to the Hunter where he had planned lunch. Sam was insistent that we go to the accommodation first and as we were running late I said we should head straight for the restaurant but he was adamant we go to the accommodation. I had absolutely no idea he was going to propose that day. Although we’d spoken about it, we’d only been together for 10 months at that stage so I thought it would happen one day, but not right then. It wasn’t a complete shock but it was certainly the best surprise!

When we arrived at the accommodation he had to put a pin in to get the key out but Sam’s work email password had changed that weekend so he couldn’t get into his emails to get the code (and I found out later to see his proposal notes). I think this rattled him a bit because what happened next still makes me laugh. I went to get back in the car to head to lunch while we waited for a call about the pin and Sam said “Oh, the helicopter will be here in about five minutes”. “Huh? Helicopter … that seems a bit much”. It was at this point that the penny dropped and Sam said “Don’t be awkward, you know what’s happening!”. He was so rattled and obviously getting nervous. I just laughed and tried to make him feel as relaxed as possible – all the while my mind was racing …”Where is the helicopter taking us?”, “Is he going to propose in the helicopter?”, “Where’s my makeup bag? What if I cry? I can’t have post engagement photos with terrible makeup. I’m a makeup artist!”. So I grabbed my makeup bag, we jumped in the helicopter and it took us to Twine Restaurant at Wynwood Estate where we were met with champagne and taken to a private gazebo in a rose garden. We were sitting down for only a few minutes before Sam started fumbling around in his bag and got down on one knee. I knew it was coming so I voice recorded the whole thing on my iPhone. I’ve only listened to it once. It’s kind of cringe worthy and romantic at the same time. It’ll always be special to us. Once I’d said yes we got back to our normal, but more excited selves and enjoyed an amazing lunch, took a tonne of photos and jumped in the helicopter back to the accommodation.”


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