Arthur + Elise: an exotic wedding in France


This adorable pair, Arthur and Elise, chose to wed in the exotic French town of Brittany in a sweet civil ceremony surrounded by close friends and family. Read more from Arthur and Elise on how all the festivities came together below.

Tell us about the proposal. After eight years of being in a relationship, Arthur planned a trip to Port Douglas but did not have a set day or place where he would do it exactly. He came close during the Cape Tribulation horse ride, then came even closer underwater when snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef and during our Daintree river crocodile cruise. But he finally found the perfect atmosphere and confidence to propose during an amazing dinner at the Nautilus Restaurant, surrounded by fairylights dancing on giant palm trees in a fantastic outdoor tropical rainforest setting.

Any funny stories from the lead up to the wedding? Arthur was hiding the box containing the engagement ring in an e-cigarette carry case but forgot to remove it before getting on his knees, presenting me with a rather unique cardboard box. Lucky for him, the beautiful antique art deco ring made up for it.
The second story happened right before our big day. Getting married in the Cathedral of an iconic French city was a challenge and we thought we had to be the perfect couple to qualify. Hence, we “forgot” to mention the existence of our 18 month old baby to the priest. Three days before getting married, when we eventually found the strength to tell the priest after a few months fearing his reaction (we were told he was quite conservative), he just went: “Oh great, good on you guys!”

What was the most unique or amazing thing about your wedding? The massive turnout of Australian friends who made this long journey to France to celebrate with us, which included our amazing photographer! Second would be the record breaking warm weather all the way for the three day celebration. That may not sound crazy on paper, but if you ever travelled to Brittany, you would understand how unique this can be! Let’s be honest, the third thing you need after love and friends, is sun!

What is special about your relationship? Or how you met? During a party with friends while spending a couple of months in France, I met Arthur for the first time and strangely felt an instant desire to challenge him. After spotting an acoustic guitar which I thought was his flatemate’s at the time, I told Arthur as a joke I would be his if he could play “The Forbidden Games” (an old popular black and white French movie). By pure coincidence, Arthur was lucky enough to have learned this exact song only a week before and played it to perfection. Three months later, I was taking Arthur back to Australia in my luggage.

Any advice for future couples getting married? Start planning a long time in advance, especially if you are considering an overseas wedding! Always keep in mind that it is your day and not anyone else’s so do what you think is right by you and what reflects who you are.

Anything you are really glad you did? Or wish you didn’t do? Planning our wedding celebrations over three days was a brilliant idea and gave us enough room to spend quality time with family and friends. Booking a Celtic music band for the Church exit, strolling with us through the old town and finishing in a wild dance on the beach was memorable.


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