Antony Merat: Caroline + James


We just love interesting and unique proposal stories, and Caroline and James’ is one such tale. But rather than describing it to you, we’re going to let the bride take this one. And after you’re done reading how James popped the question, enjoy some amazing photography of their joyous wedding day, captured by Antony Merat.

Caroline: James somehow convinced me that running a marathon together would be an amazing experience. He had run several already and we agreed that if I joined him on this challenge, he would then skydive with me. I thought this would be a great way to get in shape during the fall/winter months but to be honest, I hated every minute of the training until I was finally aerobically fit enough to make it past the eight mile mark without crying! Through all of my tears and choice words on agreeing to the bet, James was the most sweet and supportive training partner and we made it to the starting line that foggy January day in Dubai. We ran the entire 26.2 miles together, pushing one another to keep going and setting small milestones when our bodies were giving up on us. We held hands crossing the finish line and shortly after he dropped down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was so special and amazing that I forgot I’d just completed a marathon and he whisked me and my tired legs into a stretch limo, followed by checking us into a new hotel room with a private butler. P.S. that was two years ago and I still can’t convince him to go skydiving!


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