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Anna Campbell's Garden Bride


We would all agree that nothing much  beats an Anna Campbell gown no matter where it’s worn or by whom. But it’s always rather thrilling to see a few of our fave forces in the whole universe congregate in one glorious shoot. This latest run of stills shows off Anna Campbell’s latest Belle Ivoire collection in all its glory, and though her work never needs  help to shine like the radiant beacon of lush fabric it is, a little photographic and floral prowess does no harm. Yes, these stunning images were taken by none other than Erin + Tara a fab pair we simply can’t get enough of. The girls at Prunella–with talents to bend any flowering stem to their will–were responsible for the arresting florals and the face to launch a million ships was courtesy of Melinda Wain. In the end though,  Anna’s gowns clearly play the hero, and with designs so fine we have little more to say than ‘Splendid, Ms Campbell. You’ve done it again!’. 



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