Andy + Elisha: You’re So Cool


She’s so cool because she’s always fun and always laughing. I love her smile and the way she looks at me; it makes me feel warm and 10-feet tall! Whenever I tell her about my dreams and ambitions, she always tells me I can do it. Elisha’s also my biggest fan and has an opinion I can always trust. She’s obsessed with fantasy stories like Star Wars, which makes her the world’s cutest nerd! Her heart breaks for people in poverty or in any kind of need really. She also loves to make people happy and is a pure joy to be around. Elisha plays a game called “no bones” where she lets her body go all floppy like she has no bones. The game usually commences when there’s a chore or tedious task she doesn’t want to do. Hilarity always ensues, though she laughs more than I do. I hope we always find joy in each other and continue to laugh together.

He’s so cool because he’s a total rock star, super talented and ruggedly handsome. I love Andy’s arms. They are the perfect shape and size. I love hanging off them; there’s nothing like being hugged by some great arms! When Andy is concentrating on something he knits his eyebrows together into a little frown and though I tell him he shouldn’t frown it’s really adorable. When he’s excited he gets fidgety, like a little kid who can’t sit still. It makes me happy watching the little kid on the inside come out. Andy will randomly surprise me with flowers or a trashy tabloid magazine which makes me feel super loved. He’s also very handy and often makes me presents. He’s so great with kids and kids love him – he’s an amazing dad to our son, Abel. He also does this ridiculous booty dance whenever RnB or Hip Hop is played that’s hilarious.


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