Rhiannon + Jared: love is all around


In a green and leafy forest, a boy and a girl repeat sweet forever words to each other before a huddle of smiling faces. Okay, so as unrealistically adorable as that sounds, it’s pretty much what happened.

The wedding itself was an elegant Bohemian-style affair set in a forest glen hidden in the Royal National Park, south of Sydney called Lillyvale. Friends and family members shared in the realisation of this moment by painting signs, stringing lights and arranging flowers and candles on long banquet tables set to under a starry night. Silverware was bound with leather and feathers; every detail styled and arranged with care by the bride, set up by the groom and their companions.

The earth, the stars and the moon inspired this occasion. Hand-made lace lined the steps to the place of the ceremony in the clearing at the water’s edge while dream catchers swayed in the breeze. A symbolic hand fasting ceremony took place at the water’s edge, witnessed by all as Leonie, the celebrant, tied the couple together for [ death do us part ] Rhiannon + Jared kissed as their final vow.

It was a lovely affair, with lace and water and flowers galore. Sounds like a rather cool party in the forest if you ask us. There was dancing with sparklers, laughing with friends and family, a steady flow of champagne and a feast under the moonlight. Like we said, a really cool forest party. As it happens, Andrew Guidry was there to capture it all and did a rather fine  job of it too. There’s love all around today; bet you can feel it! Scroll south and check it out. 


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