The art of romance


A romantic atmosphere (or one that is geniunely romantic anyway) can be exceptionally difficult to recreate without going overboard with the flowers and candles and frou-frou dress. It takes talent to get it right and Andrea Sproxton Photography, along with an incredible team of equally talented creatives such as Ginger Lily & Rose Floral Studio, have nailed the mood tenfold. This happens to be one mighty stunning styled shoot, made so because every element of it—from the Judy Copley gown to the dinnerwear courtesy of Adorn Event Hire—has been carefully, and expertly, selected. That, along with an exquisite landscape, tree-hung tea lights in baubles (divine) and a gorgeous couple, make it all a wonder to behold. And while we do agree it’s picture perfect, what we love most is the ease with which it lies inside the realms of possibility. Because nothing, not even a glorious setting such as this, is impossible with a little expert knowledge and know-how.


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