Anchored Cinema


It’s the seamless transition between capturing your love and ensuring that not an intricate detail is left unnoticed. It’s making sure that the moments that seem to slip by so quickly be forever relived and relished in for the decades to come. It is with this notion, an ever-growing skill set and an exploding passion for telling the story of love, that James Connell created Anchored Cinema—a unique team of cinematographers located all around Australia with a vision to ensure that your day is captured reflecting your unique love in its purest form.

What it is about weddings that you love to capture? It allows us to be really creative and get deep down to the core of their relationship; we get to tell the story of the day from the way it feels. There is no structure to the way we edit our wedding films, we simply capture it as it happens and convey their meaning of happiness.
Tell us about your style. We love to film with a style to suit each day but in a few words I would say: candid, energetic, creative, personal and optimistic! We are the ones reassuring you that it is not going to rain, even when the forecast says otherwise!

What is your favourite part of the day to play back? Every moment is so sentimental—to watch the transition is always so amazing. The morning is filled with anticipation, a few nerves here and there and perfecting all of the fine details: hair, makeup, ties and creases. Then, by the end of the night, our last few frames are full of chaos, excitement and celebration! We see the barefoot dancing, the lipstick kissed cheeks and the undone ties. But piecing it all together is the real beauty—we get to really feel the atmosphere and see the surroundings of the beautiful people and amazing places we get to visit.

Why Anchored Cinema? We like to give off a vibe that encourages a bit of personality and cheek. It’s one of the most memorable days of your life and we like to be there to capture the raw laughter, the true character and your real love. We are the kind that run and get you a beer, fill up your champagne, hold your umbrella and tie your tie.
Heck, there was a time when the groom couldn’t work out his bow tie and no-one there knew how! We quickly drove to the next town, bought a clip-on and saved the day! It’s the little things that separate us from the rest—we become a transparent wedding guest, immersing ourselves in the atmosphere but capturing the most intimate of moments without feeling too close.

What got you into cinematography? I was around 14 and bought myself a mini Handycam. I filmed everything I could, from surfing and skating to live bands and shows. I was asked to film my eldest brothers wedding when I was 18 and from then I knew it was what I wanted to pursue as my career. I was completely drawn to the idea of capturing these moments that could be relived again and again. I went on to study a Bachelor of Film Production and afterwards to meet such an amazing network of people. It really is such an inspiring industry to be in.

What are your dreams for Anchored Cinema? We want to just really hone down and perfect our craft, continuing to grow and evolve our skills everyday. We dream of travelling the world to exotic cities and untouched shores, capturing love in vastly different settings and cultures, allowing us to immerse ourselves into the most amazing situations and filming places in ways that haven’t been seen before. We just want to create and tell stories through film that are as unique as your love.

Alex + Echo // Creative Short Film from Anchored Cinema on Vimeo.


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