An ethereal styled shoot at Cannon beach


This radiant Cannon Beach shoot explores the meaning of the word ‘purity’ by bringing together elements that elicit feelings of genuine beauty, trust and honesty. Delve into the innovative minds behind this shoot, and be swept away by their breathtaking images.

From the producer and stylist, Lucia, from Utterly Engaged.  We asked ourselves, what does a pure life look like? Is it the purity of innocence? Not as in naive innocent, but the innocence of truly and really trusting in each other. Yes! A story of couple who’s unafraid to be real and honest. Their past hurts are each others constant encouragement and strength. Slow to anger and quicker to forgive. Their love of nature teaches them that it takes three to make their love strong – you, me, and God. A love that’s pure in a sacrificial life is a love worth living.

A word from the photographer – Jessi Koski, from Outlive Creative. I am a Portland, Oregon based film photographer. At times our weather makes it challenging for us to work because we don’t have summer all year round to help us produce the warm sun kissed images everyone loves to see. Though our weather isn’t ideal, the amount of breathtaking locations to shoot at is literally endless. Cannon Beach is an iconic wonder of Oregon and is only 1.5 hours from home. Shooting at sunrise was serene and magical. The beach was still, open and empty. The morning provided us with a soft dreamy light. We strive to incorporate our beautiful states backdrops in our images. Outdoor features like Haystack Rock bring scale, perspective, and life to an image. Our Pacific Northwest weather brought out the best in every detail of this shoot. Regardless of the cold, wind, and ocean spray, the bride and groom channelled their energy and emotion into a truly breathtaking scene on the Oregon coast. Our beaches are special because they are public land which makes for a natural, unaffected and inspiring environment for a photo shoot.


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