An enchanting rustic wedding for Jessica + Adam


“When all your dreams and plans involve your partner and you couldn’t imagine a future without them, I think you know you’re with the one. There’s a kind of ‘happy’ that only exists when you are around them.”

Jessica and Adam’s wedding was full of elegance, set to an almost enchanted rustic theme overrun with florals and foliage. The only requirement they had for their setup was for the day to be “super chilled out”. “Visually we didn’t have a set theme per se, but we wanted it to be a chilled wedding where everyone could just eat, drink, chat and dance the night away. We only had our florist doing our decorations so I told her just to work her magic and gave her creative control. Our only request was to have soft neutral muted colours to suite the rustic appeal of the Oak Room which was lined with wine barrels.”

Scroll down to soak up all their wedding inspiration, with photography by Peggy Saas.


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