An enchanting French chateau union – Hannah + Scott


This classic French chateau wedding is truly enchanting! Hannah and Scott celebrated their union at a gorgeous chateau in Lot et Garonne, France, surrounded by wide open fields, bursting with vibrant, natural colours. Bask in the beauty of their day, with images by Antony Merat, and find out more about the couple below.

Tell us about the proposal. The proposal wasn’t in the least bit showy or dramatic, as my husband knows I’d find that mortifying. It was at our home one summer’s morning, on a rare day off together, and because of that, it was a complete surprise. Scott had been hiding the ring for weeks waiting for the right moment.

How did you know your partner was the one? Sometimes when someone is ‘the one,’ there are no words to articulate why. You just know they are and it’s inexplainable.

What do you love most about your partner? His integrity and his kindness.

What were your first thoughts when you saw your partner on your wedding day? It’s finally happening – the day that we’ve planned and imagined for two years has arrived!

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day? The ceremony, by far. It was a moment in the day that was just about us, and in that time and space only we were there. Aliens could have landed, and we wouldn’t have noticed. The dance off in the evening – which commenced with MC Hammer’s ‘U can’t touch this’ – was a close second!

How would you describe your overall wedding theme? Classic chateau wedding in the French countryside – tres chic!

Did you follow all of the usual wedding traditions on the day, or did you create your own? We followed many of the main traditions but in a relaxed way. We were going to avoid the first dance at first, as we dreaded being watched by everyone, but we did in the end, and the song (My Silver Lining – Jacob Banks) made it really special.

Any advice for future couples getting married? Try not to worry about all the little details. It’s hard not to obsess, but on the actual day, they become completely irrelevant. Also, while planning, try to remain focused on what is truly important to you rather than get carried away with trying to please others.


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