Amy + Leigh



It was the middle of winter and I’d promised to take Amy out for dinner. We got there half an hour earlier than the reservation, so I told her I wanted to show her a cool little lookout nearby. Previously one of my groomsmen had helped me set up the lookout with fairy lights, candles, wine and blankets, and we made a little nest on the cliff overlooking the coastline. As we walked up there, I was so nervous but excited! She gasped excitedly as she saw the set up, and was super suspicious about what was going on. I shakily poured us some wine and almost spilt it. She asked what was wrong and I blamed it on the cold, but I actually had sweaty palms! Soon after I got down on one knee and popped the question, she lunged over screaming, “Yes!”, knocking the ring out of my hand! I was petrified it had gone over the cliff, but we soon found it in the bushes and safely put it on her cute little finger!

I’m sure most people say this, but how did I get so lucky? I was always such an independent person with high, guarded walls … until I met you. From the start you have been the man I knew I could trust, who cared for me the most, and delicately and slowly unfolded me with your patience, forgiveness and love. You uphold and comfort me, and strengthen all the parts of me that are weak. We complement each other so well, and work as such a team. Sure it’s not always fun; some days are hard and I know I’m not great at saying sorry, but I know that if we keep working at it with God in the centre of our lives, our marriage will be the greatest friendship and our love will grow even stronger. I promise to stand by you, listen to you, and strengthen you in the best way I can. You bring such joy and excitement to my life, and I can’t wait to explore the mountains and valleys of the world and our daily lives together even more. I know life will never be dull because I have you—you’re my happily ever after!

Even though you don’t think you are, you’re so beautiful and bright! Together I hope that all the things we think we aren’t good at or won’t amount to are actually the very things we become most confident in. I believe that as we go through time, any weakness we have will be ironed out by our devotion and unconditional love for one another. I trust that with you any dreams we have can be accomplished and that achieving these would actually be a thrilling adventure! As we continue in never giving up on each other and go totally over the top in encouragement and compliments (which I could go on about all day—you are exceptional in so many ways!). You were my first girlfriend and I can’t believe I got it right on the first try! I found the one I didn’t want to ever let go of and now I never have to. I know through life people change but I am sure that as you change you will only grow into a more elegant, wise and loving dream woman, only taking on things that better you and leaving behind anything that hurts or slows you down. You are going to make a difference in this world, not just in mine where you have brought the sunshine.


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