Real Weddings

Ami & Mal: A kind of magic


As well as making us feel all warm and rugged-up inside, Ami and Mal make us ask all sorts of curious questions too,  like what’s the story behind that intricate tattoo Ami? And how is it you both look so enviably content? What we do know about their day, though, is equally wonderful. For instance, Ami’s stunning dress was bought from Etsy for $90. Almost everything, from hair and makeup to organising the flowers and cars, was done by family, and the reception took place in a wooden hall overshadowed by a fanning oak tree dotted with hanging paper lanterns. On the tops of her feet, Ami tattooed the name of her mum and dad so that her father, who passed away when she was a child, could “walk” her down the aisle. It’s enough to give rise to a lump in our throats. The pictures say it all. That’s one happy day full of magic.


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