Amelia + Steve: A relaxed rustic wedding


‘Wedding World’. For some, it’s a dreaded land of unreasonable traditions and unrealistic expectations. For others, it’s a whimsical fairytale land of dreams-come-true and everything pretty. But for Amelia + Steve, Wedding World was neither of these: it was perfectly – and uniquely – them.

It all started in the backyard (like all good memories do), on Good Friday, 2015. Amelia + Steve were sitting in the warm afternoon sun, doing what they did best; sipping Gin and Tonic and dreaming about their lives together. When Steve jumped up and went inside, Amelia simply thought he was headed to the bathroom, but on his return, she noticed a ‘ring sized’ box in his hand. “He knelt down on one knee and in the most perfect way, asked me the one question that I didn’t need a moment to consider.”

For Amelia + Steve, Wedding World was intentionally fun and free. They turned venue-scouting into cute dates, drank coffee with their photographer, and with a few months of practice (and much more determination on Steve’s behalf), they mastered their first dance routine. “We practiced religiously”, Amelia told us. “But when it came to the moment, my mind went blank! I couldn’t remember a thing and Steve gallantly lead me through the entire dance. We nailed it, thanks to him!” (Kudos, Steve. We salute you).

Complete with a delicious vegetarian spread served on rustic style share platters, a huge bridal table which included the partners of the party, and the slight tear-jerking inflection in the groom’s voice during his vows, Amelia + Steve nailed their perfect day. Goodbye Wedding World, and onto new adventures!

Scroll down to see gorgeous images of their day, captured by Little Car Photography.


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