Amelia + Jonathan: An Intimate Californian Wedding


Steering away from the stress and big budget of an extravagant wedding, Amelia + Jonathan opted for their own interpretation of an elopement for their special day. With an intimate ceremony and a tiny guest list, the couple celebrated in simple style, saying their vows under an archway of roses and overlooking glorious hills.

Amelia still gets teary-eyed when she thinks about the day that her and Jonny decided that they wanted to get married. After initially being attracted to one another for their shared opinions about never wanting to get married and not wanting to have kids, six months into their relationship, everything changed.


“Unbeknownst to one another, we both had a growing desire to communicate to the other that we wanted to be theirs forever. So, the night Jonny sat me down on the couch in our new apartment (we had moved in together only months before), my heart raced with excitement and terror simultaneously as he began with, ‘You know how over time your feelings on a subject can change?’ Palms sweating, mind racing — at first I thought to myself, ‘am I getting dumped’?

Quickly my anxiety turned to complete admiration as Jonny explained that he had been battling with announcing his new feelings and emotions as he was afraid of how I would react, and that I might not feel the same. He went on the explain that despite the fear of rejection he ultimately felt, I had to know that in his heart the only thing he hadn’t given me was the promise of forever.

I told him I felt the exact same way and it was such a relief to know we had both completely changed our vies on marriage and family because we had met our match. After a truly beautiful conversation, he asked me if I would marry him, and I of course said ‘yes’.”


Jonny: “My wife and I are a team. She shows me her unconditional love in so many ways. Even through the busy routine of life and work, she always finds ways to surprise me and make me feel special. Her honesty and sense of humour have proven to be the sunshine in my life. I am the luckiest man in the world to have Amelia forever.

Amelia: “Being an exceptionally independent individual, I struggle to find solid grounds sometimes as I am so focused on my career and my thirst for knowledge in my industry. Jonny brings me back; he balances me in a way no one ever has and he does it so naturally and effortlessly.”


“It was a remarkable day from the moment we woke up to the moment we ended the night with a high five back at  our lodge. On the way to the ceremony, we took time to cruise down scenic Highway One, sitting in the back of a beautifully restored Vintage Rolls-Royce, breathing in crisp fall air. As we watched the trees pass us by, we held hands and just let it all sink in. This step in our lives, the commitment we were making to one another, was a special moment for us, as from the moment we met, we knew we completed one another. And there, among the rich green forest and the dim sunlight, we thanked one another for our love and devotion.”


“Marriage to us is unique. It is unique in the sense that our love, our commitment, our promise, is between the two of us and because of that, it is the backbone of us as a unit and us and individuals. The most valuable lesson I learned from the true love I found in meeting and falling for Jonny is that marriage is a bond. It is a true series of vows you take that allow your partner to see your true self.”

Scroll down for more of Amelia + Jonathan’s day, beautifully captured by Nicole Mason!


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