Alyssa + Tyler


“Do you know that feeling you get when you think back to a time when you experienced something phenomenal and simple and beautiful? When we are together that’s how it feels. We just fit perfectly. We are silly and try to make each other laugh every day. We love adventures and exploring, but we also love to snuggle up and read books.”


There is a line I read in a book once. I am sure you aren’t surprised. I don’t recall the book, but the line was, “Your face is my heart”. For some reason that line has etched its way into my memory because that one little sentence summarises the way I feel about you perfectly. When I see your face, my heart starts expanding. My prayer for us, as we grow wiser and cooler, is that we always feel our hearts growing when we look at each other, when we hear our babies giggle, and when we look back on what we’ve done together.


You are the brightest person I know. My future is happier and brighter with you in it. The positivity and confidence we have in us being together is exactly how it should be, and I know it will continue with us wherever we are. I am excited for all that is to come in our lives and the adventures we will share. Our future children, first house, travels—they’re all going to be so great!


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