My perfect engagement shoot…


You may have a vague recollection of a comp that featured on our wall by Alison Mayfield and Sooti Event Styling and Design asking couples to share their idea of a perfect engagement shoot … well, there were dozens of comments and lovely ones at that, but the one that surpassed all others was sent in by a gorgeous gal named Jessica who said: 

‘We would rent a row boat and take to the river for a peaceful picnic floating along the waters of the Yarra. Here in Melbourne you can take one romantic man (Paul) who insists he knows his way around a pair of oars, add some sweet sunshine to warm the skin, toss in a picturesque natural setting (Studley Park Boathouse), a warm summer-like breeze, and a picnic basket full of our favourites and you end up with a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the one you love.’

Sound perfect? It does to us. We could just row off into that magical afternoon light all love drunk and smitten! Okay, we’ll stop with the lovey dovey stuff, but why don’t you immerse yourself in the fruition of their daydream by scrolling through a selection of Jessica and Paul’s perfect engagement session.


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