Alicja + Boris: An intimate elopement


Alicja + Boris’ intimate Tofino elopement is the perfect example of staying true to yourself and your desires. The beautiful couple knew that throwing a large wedding would be costly and a lot of planning. Rather than wait a year to get married and save up for an extravagant event, they decided to fly from Toronto to the beautiful west coast of Canada, to a little surfing town on Vancouver Island.

When they arrived, Alicja + Boris cooked up a wonderful lunch, drank some cider and everyone was feeling excited, warm and just a tiny bit tipsy before the ceremony. As they walked over to Wickaninnish Inn in the rain to a clearing, they graciously offered up for their intimate ceremony. What followed was a most intimate of celebrations.


Alicja: “Boris and I wanted the day to be intensely personal and just about the two of us. We’re both very open and expressive with one another, but tend to be more reserved around others. We didn’t want the eyes of a crowd to damper our ability to communicate our love to one another on this one day.

“To be honest, we also wanted to be selfish: we want to think about us, our needs, our wants, and to celebrate our love and life together without having to worry about keeping anyone else happy. As a result, we decided to cut out the noise of a traditional ceremony and party, and plan an adventure that we could cherish in our memories for the rest of our lives.

“It was a difficult decision on one hand to tell our loved ones that it would be just us two on the day of. At the same time, we knew it was the right one. Everyone was very supportive and excited for us, which is why we love them so much!”


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