Ali + Remy


What began as a chance encounter at a pub culminated in a beautiful relationship for these two avid cyclists, Ali and Remy. Coming from two separate cultural backgrounds, Ali being American and Remy being French, they bonded over a mutual passion for cycling and their journey grew from there, resulting in a wonderfully sweet proposal and elegant wedding that followed. Scroll down to read their proposal story, and learn more from their day.

The proposal

We are both cyclists and would often spend our weekends out riding in the countryside outside of San Francisco. On our last hill of the day, Remy sped ahead and stopped at the top, faking a problem with his bike to make sure I wouldn’t speed by. Once I came over to eye his bike, he pulled out the ring and popped the question. It will always be easier to get up this particular hill at the end of our rides with our great memory at the summit.

The wedding

Our wedding was pretty much split down the middle with French and American guests, many of whom didn’t speak each other’s language. We attempted to pull different traditions from each culture, and ultimately it resulted in a unique experience for our guests. The chateau was stunning and especially novel for the Americans, while many of the French had only seen outdoor ceremonies in American movies.


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