Aleks + Andrew: Ready for take off


There is something so special about Andrew and Aleks’ country wedding. Maybe it’s the beautiful reception held in an aircraft hangar or the enchanting sunset over the Jimbour countryside … piece it all together and  it was truly magical. The stunning bride and dashing groom were met with a sea of smiles from their loving friends and family and spent the day laughing and dancing as they celebrated the start of a long and happy life together. Keep reading to find out more about this sweet couple.

The proposal
After a quick power shop after work, Andrew blindfolded me as I entered our house. When I opened my eyes I saw Andrew down on one knee and as I looked up I saw ‘marry me?’ painted on the wall, which also happened to be the last room in our house left to renovate. There were rose petals throughout the entire house, fairylights in the garden, my favourite champagne was chilled and my favourite meals were cooked. The next morning Andrew whisked me away for a romantic weekend away at Kingscliff, which was where we also went on our first weekend away together. Even our Great Dane Bronson got to share the special moment, eating the 6 cupcakes Andrew had made especially for me.

What is it about each other that makes you swoon?

Aleks: Not a day goes by where Andrew doesn’t make me laugh, which can be frustrating when I’m trying to be mad at him. As a qualified chef and builder, he can build me a home and cook me amazing dinners every night (particularly awesome as I’m yet to develop any cooking skills), which makes him my perfect man.

Andrew: It sounds cliché but Aleks is beautiful, smart, funny, the list goes on. She is the perfect package and brightens my day every day.  What she lacks in cooking skills she makes up for in everything else.

Any advice for future couples getting married?

Enjoy every moment – from the planning, to the wedding day to the honeymoon. It is the most special and fun journey you will take together and you should cherish every moment as it all goes by so quickly.


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