A Year On …



I remember auditioning for the Dorothy the Dinosaur show and I had heard about Lachy from other people, mainly that he was an amazing singer. When I walked in the studio for my rehearsal, there he was, tall, handsome, kind smile and dancing away like a pirate. From that moment we became great friends and I felt fortunate to have my best friend around all the time.

We started touring together shortly afterward with the Dorothy the Dinosaur show, and when we joined The Wiggles show in 2012 we were having the best time, learning from the original Wiggles. I think because we were going through the same thing together (becoming Wiggles), we grew closer. Our first moment alone together was a lunch we shared before I dropped Lachy off to the airport one day in Sydney. Lachy told me that he was so inspired by our chats and wrote a few little songs about goats (which are my favourite thing) and sent them to me that night. He has since shared that he got this instant feeling of excitement, a feeling that he had never felt before about someone. It did take him longer to realise that he was indeed falling in love with me. We were together for just over a year, but my goodness did it go quickly. Lachy proposed after doing three shows that day, and by the next day we were back on the road.

When it came to planning the wedding, we just didn’t have time to go back and forth over things and generally Lachy and I weren’t fussed. We knew what we wanted to do and almost everything we saw first, we went with. I think as things were settled, like the venue, flowers, and cake, then we started getting excited about involving our favourite things like baby goats at the ceremony, Lachy and Dad practising a traditional medieval sword display and adding sign language into our vows.

Our families really wanted to be involved which was a great help just stringing it all together, but most of the time, because we were on tour, Lachy and I were just organising things while we were away. Janet, from Hopewood House, became our third mum and gave us so much direction, and being on her property, she gave insight on how the gardens really flourish and we just let the grounds be magical on their own. On our wedding day, I knew before I saw Lachy that he would cry, and I thought I would be the one to pull it together, but when I saw him he was a mess! And that just set me off too!

What I love about Lachy is that he is the like the modern-day gentlemen, full of kindness … and he has an amazing singing voice!

At home, he likes to play the piano and something I find so interesting about him is that he won’t play a song from start to finish. It’s not him just playing through repertoire, he just plays sections of his favourite songs, other people’s songs and his own and then he starts composing something. This is what fascinates me about him. It’s quirky but I love him for it. And with eyes on my computer screen here, Lachy wants to add what he loves about me too. “Everything. She effortlessly works through life with the most beautiful smile and makes everything seem easy. She is incredibly creative and feisty, but at the same time so playful, sweet and sincere. I feel ‘Emma Wiggle’ is a chance for people to see a bit of every part of Em’s nature and person. She is so striking, and so naturally warm on camera that you can’t take your eyes off her. And that’s what it’s like every day.”

Ever since we joined the show, we have been so lucky to be together nearly every day—we are good travel buddies! The only day we usually spend apart is Christmas so we can both see our families who we don’t get to see very much. Our life is our work, we are fortunate to be together and we love it so it balances. We tour for nine months of the year and we really enjoy exploring the towns we are touring in. This year we are touring to the UK and Ireland for the first time so we are both really looking forward to visiting these countries again. That’s how work/life balances for us, working and touring but getting the opportunity to visit some beautiful places.

I wouldn’t say marriage has changed things much for us. We are still touring but now we’re given wedding card gifts at the shows instead of engagement ones which is lovely. I think the only challenge we have faced in this first year of marriage has been finding that Emma and Lachy time where we can really relax which puts you in that different headspace and you can just be together. We do get these times, they’re just not very often so we are learning to make them really special.

To this day I still get butterflies in my tummy, which mainly happens when I look at Lachy (or when we eat green tea icecream … our favourite!).

On a final note, I’m very excited to share our new project we have been working on for the past year, Emma’s ‘Bowtiful Ballet Studio,’ which provides children with their very first ballet lessons, their own ballet barre and instructional mat. We put an exclusive 46-minute feature video on YouTube so the children can watch the video at home and follow along with their own ballet barre.

Lachy and I still hope to be “Wiggling” in 10 years’ time—I’ve said before that if Jeff Wiggle wiggled until he was 60, then I still have 33 years to go!


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