A Well Worthy Collab


There’s nothing quite as warming to the soul than to see a bunch of crazy-talented creatives come together to collaborate for the cause of art, romance and fashion. Between florals, hair and makeup, and double-trouble dreamboat fashion designers, we’d expect our future brides looking at this stunning shoot will be well on the way to becoming a wedding-planning success story.

Julia – LUA LEUCA Floral

My love and enthrallment for nature developed very young, perhaps from playing in the large garden we had growing up, or perhaps because of my mum and grandma who took the time to teach us kids the beauty and wonder of plants and living things alike.

My grandma was always an avid gardener, propagating her own plants, selling them, coaxing them into flower … she had the most stunning collection of slipper orchids, hippeastrums and hoya. She believed that her garden was her church, words that have always stuck with me and as a result I firmly believe that every ounce of good in the world stems from having a basic respect and appreciation for all things “alive”.

Nature and in particular the use of flowers is almost always incorporated into life’s milestone celebrations. With regards to how it translates on a wedding day, I feel the décor and florals, which I can contribute, communicate the personality of the couple as well as convey and enhance a mood for which the bride and groom hope to create for their guests. It’s about one day, and so fragile flowers that often lack longevity though stunning in their own way, can be used and completely appreciated. The photos that follow are always a delight to look back on, too, to see how their beauty has been captured as a life long memory for the couple.

Kayla Marshall – Kayla Marshall Hair

I decided to work in the wedding industry when I worked out I had a knack and love for up styling, and had the realisation I could be paid to have a morning every Saturday doing what I love and being in an environment that feels like you’re getting ready for a night out with a group of girlfriends.

I bring a fun attitude on the day and I like to think my calm nature and years of dealing with bridal parties the morning of the big day gives the bride reassurance and confidence that it will all be okay. I love sharing with my brides at their trial, that the getting ready part of my own wedding day was so much fun and one of my favourite parts of the day, which encourages them to enjoy it for themselves, and take in every moment no matter what’s happening.

Marriage to me is two people tirelessly choosing one another, day after day. It’s the constant effort to give your best self to your spouse, and to sometimes showing your worst and seeing their worst self but choosing them and loving them regardless.

Kristy Ogram – Makeup Artist

Love is … having an Industry Discount to Mecca Cosmetica. No, kidding (that is not my real answer). I think love is universal! Finding the person that is an extension of your authentic self and one that complements you is possibly the best and most rewarding thing we can get out of life. In saying this though, it does not necessarily have to be a person. Anything that brings out the best in someone could be considered love.

There are two sayings that resonate well with me, “skin is in” and “less is more”! My preferred style of makeup is that of the natural kind. Glowing skin, natural fluffy brows and an overall youthful appearance. Nothing overdone! So, I guess the drive comes from wanting to provide clients with a look that enhances their features, something they feel comfortable in (just like their wedding dress), and a look that will last over time. You really don’t want to be looking back at your wedding images and wonder why your eyebrows look like they have been coloured in with a permanent marker.

For me, the wedding industry was a natural progression. I started out as a beauty therapist, however quickly fell in love with makeup and skincare more than any other aspect of it. My style of makeup and my beauty background led me into bridal makeup. Being involved in someone’s super special day is a lovely feeling!

Phoebe Cristinelli + Courtney Illfield – Co-designers at Lola Varma

To the both of us, love is now. It’s being able to be mutually present with someone and love them as a human being with imperfections and not an illusion of who you want them to be. The melting into each other part is also good.

One of us fell into the wedding industry doing wedding photography after shooting a best friend’s wedding as a gift. Then we joined together doing fashion design. I don’t feel our product directly helps couples. Instead, it allows a woman to feel comfortable and elegant, encouraging the sense of being present on her wedding day.

Our plans for the future are to continually work hard and stay creative in what ever project and direction Lola Varma takes … And continuously ride tandem on Courtney’s motorbike to the beach everyday.


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