A Wedding of Sunshine and Smiles: Erin + Ollie


Erin and Ollie were married on Palm Beach on a gloriously sunny day. They celebrated with family and friends and snapped some beautiful photos on the beach and the wharf. Here they share a little bit more of an insight into their special day.

Tell us about the proposal.

Erin: I’d been dying to get engaged – there’s no point denying it. Ollie had always said he would never propose abroad so nagging aside I was truly shocked – in the most pleasant of ways.

The pair were holidaying around Europe with Ollie’s family. Ollie’s first attempt to propose was ruined when Erin refused to go on the ferris wheel at the Christmas markets in Brussels. His second attempt took place during a fancy dinner where the already questionable atmosphere was completely derailed upon the arrival of an elderly bus tour group. Ollie wasn’t too phased as his next plan was to propose while skiing in Courcheval in France the following week. But alas, Erin was way too enthusiastic and broke her leg on the first day.

Ollie finally got his chance one evening after dinner when the pair were on their way home. They peeled off from their traveling companions and soft snow was beginning to fall. Erin was completely mesmerised, so Ollie announced they weren’t going home after all, they were going tobogganing! Ollie couldn’t actually find a toboggan, so he settled on a giant shovel and pulled Erin through the snow, under the sparkling street lamps with fairy lights in the trees and fresh snow falling on them, declaring that “this is how the Brits do it!” When he pulled her to a stop, he got out the ring. Lots of tears, laughs and snow angels later they headed back to the chalet to wake everyone up and let them know.

Any funny stories from the lead up to the wedding? One of Ollie’s closest friends, Gav, flew all the way from the UK for the wedding. A stopover in Bali resulted in a coral cut in his foot. His first night in Sydney and it seemed to just explode and poor Gav couldn’t walk! He was put into hospital and had a drip in his arm for the whole week leading up to the wedding. He managed to come along for the day and we even got him up dancing on crutches at the end of the night.

What was the most unique or amazing thing about your wedding?

Erin: Ollie isn’t a huge public speaker but of course I bullied him into doing a speech. I thought it would be super short and sweet but he actually said some of the most beautiful things. I wasn’t even close to tears when I was saying our vows because I was just so excited to be there, but he got me in his speech and I shed a few happy tears. I’ll never forget that moment. It’s such a special feeling – witnessing your favourite person in the world saying you’re their favourite too in front of all your family and friends.

Ollie: All the things that didn’t go to plan ended up being the best parts. We started to run behind ‘schedule’ with photos between the ceremony and reception. When the boat arrived to take us back to the reception we thought we may as well be announced as Mr & Mrs while walking up the pier, rather than trying to sneak around the venue and walk through, so a quick message to our MC Steve and we did just that. Erin also surprised me by having the theme song from Top Gun play while we made our entrance down the pier which was so cool.

‘highhhhhwayyyy to the DANGER ZONE’

How did you meet? Ollie was backpacking around Australia in January 2008. He was staying with our neighbours, his Aunty and Uncle,  for the summer to earn some money before continuing his big trip. I begged Dad to invite ‘the cute English boys’ over for a BBQ so he did! But being so young, it had to come to an end. After a glorious summer together Ollie had to carry on and I went back to university but thanks to the joys of social media and Skype plus numerous purchases of international phone cards we kept in touch. I moved to England in 2011 where our relationship finally began for real.

Any advice for future couples getting married? It’s all about compromise. I originally dreamed of a small intimate table of our nearest and dearest having a sit-down dinner. Instead I got over 80 guests and canapes. You have to be flexible to make it work. Plus, things will go wrong! No matter how many spreadsheets you maintain. And it will not matter at all because you will be together – hand in hand, battling it as one. As long as you finish the day as husband and wife, you have truly succeeded in a brilliant wedding. 

Anything you are really glad you did?

Erin: I wish I ate some of those delicious arancini balls! People are still talking about them months later but I just didn’t have an appetite on the day…too busy talking!

I’m really glad I got in touch with Erin at Harley Quinn & Co to do a personalised welcome sign for me. She was awesome and captured exactly what I wanted. Long after the dress is packed away and the flowers are no longer blooming, we will have that piece of art up on our wall to look at and remind us of the day. The beautiful part is that the image behind the words was taken by Ollie in New Zealand.

Any stand out vendors from your wedding? Who did you connect with? Who went above and beyond? 

Our key vendors like Dany from Pia & Jade, Penny our florist, our musician Michael, and photographers Damien & Anastasia all really went above and beyond for us – we really felt so lucky.

We loved our photographers. They blended into the guests and delivered the most precious series of photos we could have hoped for. They weren’t afraid to adventure to the ends of the earth to get a cool shot and would just disappear, creating spectacular images without you knowing. What more could you ask for?

I also loved our musician, Michael. We originally wanted to have a big jazz band but we also needed to stick to our budget. One evening we went into the city to Soda Factory and Harvey Music was playing. Ollie kept leaning in to me to say ‘he’s just what I want for the wedding’ so I went up to Michael in his break and asked if he did weddings. A few emails later and we had our music man! Smooth, chilled out tunes to kick things off followed by a DJ set for dancing later in the night.



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