Real Wedding: Stylish Wedding of Mixed Traditions


We love that this bride and groom chose to create a wedding that felt a part of their culture. For Yvonne, it was a mix of two – Australia and Hong Kong – both of which she decided to incorporate traditions of. In the morning, she and Alex had a very short and simplified Tea Ceremony with their parents, then she got changed into her bridal gear for their lunch reception. And we are so in love – they tied the knot at The Ground of Alexandria, with ornately styled greenery and beautiful flowers, to neatly suit their indoor garden theme.

“I was always a hot headed one and always making rash decisions. When I met Alex, I was drawn to his sense of ‘balance’ – being able to see both sides of any argument or decision in everyday life. This was completely opposite of me and by I knew that he was ‘the one. He is extremely patient with parents, both his and mine – something I quite admire even when he is under pressure. I love that most about him. That and being really handy around the house! He is so able to educate himself and then apply it to real life in anything he does – whether it is installing the sink in the kitchen or fixing the headlights on the car.”


Thanks to We Are Origami Photography for the beautiful images.


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