Sarah + Alfred: A Wedding Made With Love


Sarah and Alfred met at a hip hop dance battle in the Bronx, New York. “I saw him dancing and couldn’t take my eyes off him. Three days later we met up and we spoke for about 6 hours. That night I knew I had met my soul mate.”

The couple were actually married in New York, privately at the court, but to celebrate with friends and family back in Australia, they chose to have another wedding celebration. The shindig was boho-garden inspired, and aimed at pulling elements of beauty and meaning that were often hand made so that it didn’t cost them the world. “Advice for future couples getting married – Don’t spend a truck load of money on your special day if you can’t afford to. My wedding cost under $3000 and many of my guests say it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever attended. Get your family and friends to get crafty and make things yourselves! It will be made with love.”

Sarah also shared some unique aspects to her wedding, that incorporated fun, personality and style, against the grain of tradition. “I hardly followed any wedding traditions at all. Alfred and I created our own! We had a close friend be our unofficial celebrant, we wrote our own vows, I had 3 flower girls, 2 pageboys, 10 junior bridesmaids and 6 bridesmaids. My bridesmaid had a colour theme but no dresses or bouquets were matching. Everyone in the wedding party had bare feet. We had a potluck feast, all guests brought a plate of food to share. I hired table and chairs and also laid blankets and pillows all over the grass so people could relax, lay down and have a picnic experience if they wished. I had boys entertain the guests with a hip hop cypher battle, and for our first dance, I had 10 dancers dance around us in white dresses.”

Sarah’s love for Alfred is seen in the stunning pictures by Andrew Sun Photography. “I love his gentle soul, his kind & loving personality, his patience, his sense of humour, his talent and the way his mind works!”


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