A warm styled shoot that’s all about wild flowers


The Wild Flower grows best in a place where she belongs; accepted for the way she is, and loved for who she is. She basks in the warmth of the sun; she laughs when the wild wind blows, carrying her to places where no-one’s been before. There is both gentleness and wild elegance in the way she moves.

The Wild Flower shoot celebrates love in it’s wildest form. It celebrates the joy and happiness it brings when you have someone who loves you just the way you are. It portrays the giddiness and warmth we feel with that special person as they give us the confidence to become truly our unique self. The Wild Flower will explore soft warm light, movement, play, and expressions of joy and laughter. It is slightly ethereal and dreamy, there is a touch of gracefulness and elegance. It is about freedom and confidence, wanderlust and a love for nature.


Words by Christine Lim Photography


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