Lauren + Michael: A Tribute Wedding to Committed Love


All good engagement stories are made memorable by something surprising or unplanned that happens along the way. In Lauren and Michael’s case, the accidental loss of the engagement ring behind a built-in cupboard and the retrieval with a fishing rod sure did make the engagement story memorable! What followed however, was even better, (and so sweet!) A private helicopter ride to a gourmet lunch by the Miri Miri waterfalls provided the perfect spot for Michael to ask his love if she would “Miri Miri” him.

The two had met at university about seven years prior to actually dating. When they did start dating, the only time they could see each other was early in the morning before work. Getting up before 6am in the middle of winter to see each other was a sure sign that they were both pretty keen.

“Michael is one of the most generous and loyal people I have ever met and he will do anything for his friends and family. He has an amazingly positive outlook on life and a great sense of adventure. He will also tell you that he has a great sense of humour and in response I would tell you that I admire his enthusiasm and that he has certainly mastered the ‘dad joke’.”

Lauren and Michael were married in a beautiful church, following their pre-wedding photos with their bridal party, including a hire-tram which left them very relaxed and in good spirits by the time they reached the church. “The ceremony itself ended up being quite comical. Michael had lost his voice two days before the wedding and could barely make it through the vows, Lauren kept accidentally blowing out the wedding candles and our page boy decided he wanted to keep the rings and refused to hand them over. Our priest kept the ceremony light hearted and told a lot of jokes, so there was laughter throughout the whole service.”

See their beautiful photos by Natasja Kremers, and video by La Lune Cinema below.

Lauren & Michael from La Lune Cinema on Vimeo.


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