A taste of Italy


Set to a scene filled with rich culture, this styled shoot evokes an effortless romance with simple styling of pure white and vibrant red. The model wanders the city, adrift in the grandeur and elegance of the cobblestone streets and worn buildings. The inspiration behind the shoot is steeped in Italian history, ‘Riccia is a small town in Molise and we retraced the roads where the people lived at the time of Queen Constance, in the historical center of the town. We were inspired by an episode of the life of Constanza di Chiaromonte, later the Queen of Riccia. It has been told that the people welcomed their new queen with a carpet of roses and she was loved by everyone and also admired for her beauty.’ And with that concept of adoration in mind, Sonya Lalla was able to capture imagery that shows the purity of love.


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