A Relaxed City Wedding: Emily + Jordan


After moving to the other side of the country, Emily + Jordan wanted to show their closest family and friends what their west coast life was like, by incorporating their favourite bits of San Francisco into the details of their wedding day.

Their joy-filled nuptials were laid back with a warm and inviting vibe, and were followed up the next day by a backyard party at their home.

Read more of their story below and scroll through sweet images by Lauren Scotti.

Tell us about your proposal.

During the second year of our relationship, Jordan and I were navigating the transition to being long distance. I just got off the plane and I was tired, hungry, and feeling a little self-conscious about a new haircut. Jordan picked me up at the airport and even though I just wanted to go back to his house, he insisted we go out for dinner and drinks. He brought me to the place we had our first date. I was grumpy but agreed. We walked in and ordered drinks. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but at one point I looked down and noticed a velvet ring box. I just kept saying “What is that?”, “No”, “That’s not…?!”, “You didn’t!” Finally, after I finished stammering, Jordan asked me to marry him. Of course, I said “yes!” Afterwards, we met some friends out at a lounge. Charles Barkley (yes, that Charles Barkley) and his friends had just left the lounge and their VIP table. Someone at the lounge found out we just got engaged and donated their VIP table (and remaining bottle service!) to us. We obviously spent the rest of the night celebrating with friends and way too many tequila shots!

How did you know your partner was the one?

From the moment that we met, Jordan and I had a really intense connection. But, for different reasons, we both tried to pace ourselves. We quickly realized, however, that we couldn’t. Our first date turned in to weeks of being together non-stop. Although neither of us were too keen on marriage, having to be long-distance for a year really served as a catalyst for us thinking about our “forever” together.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?

Our absolute favorite part of the wedding was the being able to share the time with our closest family and friends. We feel so lucky that folks came from all over the country (and Canada!) to celebrate with us. These folks represented different times and spaces of our lives, both as individuals and as a couple. There are no real words that can describe the loving and supportive energy that we felt over the entire wedding weekend.

What is marriage to you?

Marriage is a true partnership built on respecting, celebrating, and supporting each other as independent people.


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