A Modern Garden Party on Yamba Beach


Surrounded by an intimate crew of friends and family, Kate + Josh said yes to growing old together at a simple seaside ceremony on Yamba Beach. Everything about this wedding was modern and fun — from Kate’s statement earrings to the confetti and reception decor. We love that the bride + groom were able to sneak away to take some photos together along the coast. It made for some stunning photos, captured by the always talented, Figtree Wedding Photography. Keep reading to get to know the happy couple and see more inspiration from their day!


Tell us about your proposal. Josh promised me breakfast at a new café at Main Beach surf club but explained that we had to go early to get a table. There was no one on the beach or in the surf club and definitely no food in sight! But there was a photographer hiding from a distance to get photos of him on one knee asking if I wanted to grow old together.

How did you know your partner was the one? They say when you know you know… I never believed that could be true until I met Josh and I felt like we had been together for years. From our first date together I knew he was very special, it was so easy to be around him and I felt so safe and calm.

What do you love most about your partner? His compassion, generosity and the way he can make me laugh, even at the most inappropriate times!

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? Seeing Josh’s face as I walked down the isle. I was surprisingly very calm and relaxed knowing that he was there waiting to marry me. It was also amazing spending time just the two of us as we went off and had photo’s together. I wish I could bottle up that feeling you get straight after we got married. It’s the most incredible feeling!  We had a small wedding and it meant so much to us to have our family and friends stay for a long weekend. This allowed us to spend 4 days with everyone enjoying the sunshine, champagne, more champagne, oh and oysters!

Describe your wedding theme/style. I’ve been in the wedding industry doing makeup for 12 years so I’ve seen a lot of weddings. It’s hard when you’ve seen so many beautifully themed weddings! I had to try and ignore everything I had seen and make sure it suited us at a couple. As I pinned/ tagged images I liked the theme started to come together. It turned out to be along the lines of a modern garden party. We had elements of natural decorations including linen, oyster shells (eaten and collected by us and my father in-law) candles and flowers. We didn’t want to take away from the stunning view of the ocean, so we decided to have a small grass installation at the ceremony.

What is marriage to you? Marriage to me means life commitment and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Always remembering that just because you’re married doesn’t mean things will change. You will have your ups and down’s but to know that you have that one person to share this amazing life with and to experience making memories and growing as a couple together is so special. You choose to marry that person on the day but it’s more important to choose to love and accept them unconditionally on every other day.


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