Ryan + Mim: a meaningful wedding


Ryan:  “Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry,” as the tears start welling up.

Mim: “Yay, he’s crying!”

There is something beautifully empowering in the knowledge that you made your man cry at the thought of spending the rest of their life with you. This moment is such a testament to the committed love the couple shares … as was the well planned proposal, which we’ve asked Ryan to weigh us in on!

“We were in Portland, Oregon (USA) visiting my family. One Thursday night, some friends were over for dinner and they invited us to go on an early morning hike with them that Friday. So we went to bed early, and the next morning, Mim woke up to find a letter from me slipped under her door, along with a boarding pass to San Francisco (I had already left in the middle of the night to prepare everything). In the letter I told her she was flying there, and that when she got there I had a really important question to ask her.

My mom drove her to the airport and our mutual friend picked her up at the other end (with flowers and another card from me) and drove her through the city and over the Golden Gate Bridge. He dropped her at this little headlands where I’d made a trail of flowers that led to this grassy secluded area with a sweet view. She walked up and I was waiting for her there on one knee!”

You also know you’re in a winning relationship (not only after he kills it in the proposal department, and cries at the wedding) but after he piggy backs you through the rolling hills in the Hunter Valley trying to find the perfect shot for the coffee table wedding book. Thanks to photographer Ben Adams, we think they certainly did!


  • Photography Ben Adams Photography
  • Gown
  • Groom + Groomsmen's Suits ASOS
  • Bridesmaids' Dresses Alice Berry Fashion from Etsy
  • Hair Cassandra Manahan
  • Makeup Naomi Moriarty
  • Wedding Rings Carl Noonan
  • Catering + Drinks Golden Roast
  • Catering + Drinks (2) The Burgess’s
  • Entertainment Stu Brown
  • Entertainment (2) Josh and Eva Irwin
  • Celebrant Graeme and Sue Irwin
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