A little rustic, a little eclectic.


Vanessa and Ben’s wedding was ‘a little rustic, a little eclectic,’ a reflection of their unique style as a couple. They tied the knot at a stunning venue called ‘The Flour Factory’ in Perth, Western Australia, with their two daughters by their side. The way Peggy Saas Photography captured the treasured and sweet moments between the four of them was so moving.

On a relevant side note, we LOVE the adorable personalized family wooden figure cake toppers by Atelier Matahari!! Along with the gorgeous florals by Botanica Naturalis, we know this wedding is going to feed some serious inspiration into our brides.

Vanessa had some absolutely beautiful things to say about her husband, and we wanted to write them here to give you heart eyes, happy tingles and all the rest:

How did you know he was the one?

He’s the only one that lets me get my own way. How can you not fall in love with someone like that? In all seriousness, I imagined my life with him and couldn’t imagine it without him.

What do you love most about him?

Since becoming parents to our two incredible girls, Im going to have to boast that he is just the most incredible dad Ive ever seen and watching him with them, makes me love him more and more everyday.

What is marriage to you?

Marriage is being there 110% for him and always having his back. It is loving him unconditionally, being the best person I can be and bringing the best out of him too.


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