A Glamorous New Orleans Wedding: Casey + Jeff

Casey + Jeff first fell in love with New Orleans when they started dating. Years later, after revisiting the city again, they decided that it would be the perfect place to hold their wedding!
Both Casey + Jeff wanted an upscale feel for their day, so they incorporated a gorgeous custom-made dress, a private ceremony, and a fun-filled reception. They had tones of deep burgundy, pink and gold, with floral greenery, which fit in with the decor of their venue.
Keep scrolling below to read more about their day, and see images by Jennifer Sosa Photography.
Tell us about your proposal.
Jeff proposed on our 3rd anniversary, 1 week before I moved to Seattle for work. He took me to SoHo House in Los Angeles, the site of our very first date 3 years prior. He moved me around from location to location inside SoHo for over an hour because ‘nothing felt right!’ (i.e. he was working up the nerve!). We kept up the long distance for almost two years, putting the wedding plans on hold.
How did you know your partner was the one?
Jeff was the first man I’d ever met who made me want to ‘be better’. I respected him and looked up to his work ethic, leadership and character. He had this natural confidence that was unshakable. And he was probably the funniest person I’d met! For me, he always landed the joke. He always wants the best for me and does everything he can to make me happy! He is truly a partner in every sense of the word.
What was your favourite part of the wedding day?
For Jeff and I, our wedding was more about celebrating the wonderful people in our lives than anything else. We did our best to made all of the attendees feel noticed and appreciated. From handwritten notes that greeted each person upon check in, telling them why they were special to us, to gift bags in their hotel rooms. Our favourite part of the wedding day was knowing that every single person in our life that we loved was there to celebrate us!
What was your favourite detail?
One of my favorite parts of the wedding was our exit ‘vehicle’…a mule drawn carriage! We clip clopped through the Quarter right up to Carousel Bar where we danced the night away.
Also a huge highlight was our wedding painter, Alex Harvie. Alex created a beautiful live action painting of our wedding and was able to paint every one of our guests into the picture. We will hang this painting in our home as a reminder of our wonderful day. Michael Foster project brought the house down with their music and we danced until it was time to release illuminated balloons and head out to the after party at Carousel Bar in the French Quarter.
What is marriage to you?
Marriage to me is partnership. It’s building a life with someone. It’s knowing that you could build a life on your own, but you don’t want to without that person. And it’s a choice. A choice to continually work on yourself and your relationship. It’s the best!


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