2018 Winter Wedding Cake Trends


My name is Rachel Ross and I wanted to introduce to you my family owned business Sweets for Tilly. Working along side my mother Jacqueline and my sister Nancy, Sweets For Tilly is based Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and the Macedon Ranges. We pride ourselves on providing our clientele with creating beautiful hand made treats.

Starting a baking business has been a life long dream for myself and family, and as a family with the gift of baking and flare for and creativity, Sweets for Tilly was born.
The name of the business was inspired in honour of our late Grandma, Mathilde, which is the French version of the name Matilda, which can also be known as Tilly. Many may know that the art of baking macarons can be very tricky to say the least. We began our obsession for perfecting the art of macarons several years ago. Our signature flavours include, salted caramel, berry burst (chocolate with a berry surprise), and a very special Mauritian vanilla tea flavor.

While we love to bake macarons, we spend a lot of our time making large wedding cakes with love. Our cakes range from one to three tier, or shape cakes for weddings, birthdays, christenings, baby showers and more. No cake is too big or small for our team and we absolutely love seeing the faces of their clients once they receive our cakes. With the winter wedding season upon us, I thought it would be a great time to give the inside scoop on what Winter wedding cake trends you’ll see this upcoming winter.

Here are the upcoming trends for this winter:

Marble – Forget butter cream and chocolate icing winter is all about the beautiful detail of a marble cake. Marble not only looks beautiful but is perfect to create your winter wonderland theme of a winter wedding. Stick to the cool tones for the marble and if you are having a two tier, keep one of the tiers while, while keeping the marble tier the feature. – Cake with the aeroplane – Photo credit: Taken by Sweets for Tilly team.

Going rustic – Rustic wedding cakes are all the rage this winter, keeping the features to a minimum and incorporating a decorate cake board and icing the cake to appear nude with most of the cake showing through creates a beautiful rustic and effortless appearance. Adding lots of greenery, and wooden features to the cake will also compliment your winter wedding too. – green cake with the gold sails – Photo credit: photographer Janis House Photography

Metallic – Metallic’s have been all the rage for the past few years and they are definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. Keep your metallic as your feature for the cake do not take any of its beauty away with too many decorations and cake toppers. Keeping it simple and elegant will be really popular this year, and you may even see some rose gold added to the mix. – cake with the three gold bands and “we do cake topper” – Photo credit: Photo credit Perla photography

Drip cakes – While using the dripping effect on a cake will never go out of style they are absolutely perfect for a winter wedding especially creating that icicle effect. Whether the drip is white, blue or another colour it creates a cool, chilly vibe to the cake, which is perfect for winter. – copper drip cake with fruits – Photo credit: photo by R Weddings

Ombre – Ombre cakes give an extremely elegant touch to the cake without adding much detail or decorations. Again keeping the tones cool, and sticking to a soft colour transition. For the best results you are best using this style with a 3-4 tier cake, this gives the best illusion. One of our favourite cakes to achieve the ombre look are macaron towers. They are perfect for creating that gradual colour change, and it also gives the guests a variety of macaron flavours to try – Ombre macaron tower. Photo credit: Taken by Sweets for Tilly team.

Hand painted – There’s nothing you wont love about a hand painted cake especially since you can create whatever look you wish with these. For the perfect winter wedding dessert make sure you don’t go too extravagant with the paint, keep it subtle, blended and use watercolours that flow nicely. And be sure to not cover the whole entire cake with art. – hand painted blue cake and gold bands – Photo credit: White Shutter Photography


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