1 gown 2 ways with a little Rachel Gilbert number


It’s a stunning change from refined relaxation to upper-class glitz in this instalment of 1 Gown 2 Ways. Rachel Gilbert has crafted a number so exquisite it needs nothing more than a warm body to complete it. A shimmering fabric-fall of exquisite beading, it’s virtually impossible not to be gathered in by the clean lines and dramatic aesthetic of this dress. Today’s 1 Gown 2 Ways’ dream team from The Brides Market have offered up the embodiment of what a bride’s dress should truly be about: her. And whether she chooses to floor onlookers with a polished profile, or let down her hair in soft sweeping curls to captivate the hearts of all who catch her eye, she will always be beautiful beyond measure. Such a cool shoot guys, thanks for helping us dare to imagine the possibilities.  


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