1 gown 2 ways: Keeping warm in the cooler months


This month’s lurvly 1 Gown 2 Ways features the gorgeous Samantha Cannon wearing the Amber gown from Jennifer Gifford Designs‘ latest collection due for release pretty soonish. In case you haven’t already absorbed the immensity of what we’ve just said, we’d like to reiterate that it’s a Jennifer Gifford gown, which means it’s freakin’ awesome!

We’re told The Bride’s Market is seeing an increase in the number of couples choosing to marry in cooler months, hence they’re often asked what brides-to-be should wear to fend off wee chilly spells. Their answer? ‘Boo’ to the done-to-death lace boleros and Pashminas, and ‘Yay’ to taking a chance with colour or a dramatic statement jacket!

We have the bride with an attitude accentuated by a hot biker jacket, perfect for the inner city roarer who still likes a touch of tulle. Then we have the sweet, late-winter bride who hankers for a splash of colour while keeping the fresh and pretty alive. Oh we love them so much we could just eat them up! There’s plenty of inspiration to be had here. Take your time and soak it up.


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