Become a Love Ambassador

White is not about publishing a blog or selling magazines. We want to spread our cause to enrich and encourage marriages everywhere. Our goal is for couples to experience the daily joy of intimacy and loving commitment. We want to move towards a culture that not only recognises both the beautiful and difficult things in marriage and relationships, but is equipped to embrace and celebrate every part of them.

Together we can go far

Being an ambassador for us means our message will spread further and further into our culture so that we will see a significant shift in the way we approach marriage and commitment. We want to acknowledge and recognise others who are committed and aligned to our cause, because a movement is nothing without the people behind it.

What does it mean to be an ambassador?

Becoming an ambassador is an invitation to anyone who shares our passion for bringing meaning back into marriage. We want people who love ‘love’ as much as we do, to champion our cause out of genuine belief and heart-filled support. We believe in the value of community, which is why advocating for us means more than just spreading the word, but being part of a movement to change the wedding culture and bring lasting commitment back to the centre of marriage.

What’s the value for you?

  • Social Profile (Official connection to White Magazine).
  • Brand Alignment – Solidifies your cause and ideals by aligning with like-minded brands like us.
  • Recognition on our Website – Feature on our Ambassadors page.
  • Social Recognition – Shout outs as thanks for your positive contribution to our cause.
  • Lifetime discount code that can be used to gift or promote the magazine.
  • Platform to share your content.
  • Invitations to special events (when held and/or hosted by White).
  • Sharing your story with us for use in our campaigns, information materials and projects.
  • General contributors: You’ll be added to our exclusive callout list for story/shoot opportunities.

What commitment do we expect from you?

  • Spread the word through your community.
  • Social Profile – include our connection on social profiles. E.g. “Official Love Ambassador @white”.
  • Share our brand message on social networks/media – Shout outs and mentions that explain more than just who we are, but what we’re about.
  • Use your platform to share our new content (new issue releases, special features, campaigns etc.).
  • Provide official testimonials on products/new issues.
  • Align with our values (supporting marriage and relationship enrichment).
  • Share with us your experience and story in regards to White. Provide guest blog/content as frequently as you wish, but minimum upon application.
  • Photographers and creative contributors: We’d love to be the first to share your work where possible.