Meet the team



Carla Burrell – Editor

Carla is the co-mastermind of white – she calls it her first baby! She absolutely loves all things creative, often immersing herself in a world of pretty pictures dreaming up the next new idea. Her main mission is to find a way to support couples in their journey of marriage.



Renee drives the meaningful vision of white, bringing all our wild and wonderful ideas to life and championing the direction of our brand and identity. She also welcomes our incredible partners into the white mag family, connecting them to our loved-up community across print and online platforms.


Cassie Holland – Deputy Editor

Cassie is the main soul in charge of creating our editorial content, whether it be for the blog or magazine. Her focus is producing features that will inspire and encourage couples to strive for a marriage that flourishes as the years go by.



Jess Smith – PR + Marketing
Nicola Blatchford – PR + Design
Sarah Webb – Editorial
Anita Pickstone – Blogging


strategic branding agency

We’re lucky enough to work with the creative team at Mezzanine, lead by our fearless Creative Director Luke Burrell. They build brands that embody purpose, integrity and humanity to innovate and transform business from the inside-out.



We know there are millions of other people out there who share the love of what we do and we’re always looking for talented, creative and passionate interns to join us in the field of design, styling, editorial, marketing and public relations. Are you a true romantic? What makes you perfect for white? What do you love most about what white is all about?

If you want an opportunity to work with our loved-up team, we want to hear from you at [email protected]